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We invite you to cooperation. We will help You to materialize Your idea. Together, we will create a custom-made product to satisfy You and Your customer.

From the project to the product


We offer a comprehensive service in the field of:

  • product design or optimization of an already existing product,
  • making the form in the tool shop,
  • implementation of the product for series production,
  • production of plastic products,

As a part of the implementation of production orders, we also perform:

  • ultrasonic welding,
  • assembly and arming of the product,
  • marking,
  • packing,
  • storage,
  • shipping to the indicated destination.

An orderly and transparent production process assumes close cooperation with the Customer, which contributes to its final satisfaction. We advise the best solutions in terms of cost, material and technology.

Our process


We treat each project individually, so each time we prepare and make dedicated production tools for it. We take over full supervision and responsibility of the creation and implementation of the proper tools for the production.
The automated production process ensures high, repeatable quality of products, consistent with the technical specification of the project. Produced products go to our warehouses and are wait for collection by the Customer, or we deliver them to the indicated destination.

From the project to the product

If the customer has a ready project, we analyze the product's construction in terms of technologies used in production, in order to select the cost-optimal and technological solution.
In turn, if the customer has an idea for a product, we first analyze the functionalities, physical and dimensional parameters and other special features of the future product, then we select the right materials, prepare the design and make a prototype in 3D.

We materialize ideas

We are ready for new challenges. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and we will help you to materialize the idea. Together, we will create a custom-made product to satisfy Your and Your Customer's needs. Our production and storage potential allows us to implement fixed and new orders without any problems.

Canexpol - projekt 3d wtrysku modelu

We invite you to cooperation!

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