Work & career

People are the greatest value

People are the greatest value of our company- both those who work for us and those to whom we do business. We have built a strong, innovative company brand based on good interpersonal relationships, experience, knowledge and listening to the needs of our customers. Creativity, promptness, precision and trust are values that we have been faithful to since the very beginning of our company.

We take care of our employees by:

  • Ensuring stable employment,
  • An attractive package of social benefits,
  • Comfortable and modern social conditions (well-equipped employees canteen, changing rooms, bathrooms),
  • Implementation of machines and devices limiting physical loads during work, such as balancers,
  • Anti-fatigue mats,
  • Various company trips and team bulding events,
  • The oportunity to participate in English language courses,
  • Pass cards for sports activities at a nominal fee,
  • Intercompany football team,
  • A friendly family atmosphere.